Program Update

As of December 15th, 2023 the Sacramento Emergency Rental Assistance (SERA) waitlist is closed as remaining funds are very limited. With these limited funds, the SERA program will prioritize assisting households with an eviction filed at the court, until funds are exhausted. Please see for more information.

If you have already applied for SERA funding and you receive a notice from the Sacramento Superior Court advising that your landlord has filed an Unlawful Detainer case against you, it is important that you notify the court if you have a pending SERA application. Additional information regarding court notification can be found on the Legal Services of Northern California’s website at Additionally, please email your Unlawful Detainer documents to [email protected]. SERA staff will reach out to you via email for further information if funds are available to process the application.

Updates on the program will be posted on the SERA website at

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This project is being supported in whole or in part, with federal funding (Assistance Listing Number 21.023) awarded to the City of Sacramento and the State of California by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.